جمعه 20 شهریور 1388
توسط: Anis Izadkhah

چیستان - ۲

1. What has three hands but only one face?

- A clock.

2. Why is the letter "E" so important?
- Because it is the beginning of "everything"!

3. Who works only one day in the year but never gets fired?
- Santa Clause.

4. When can you have someting and nothing at the same time in your pocket?
- When you have a hole in your pocket!

5. Where can you always find money?
- In a dictionary.

6. Why do fish live in water?
- Because cats cannot swim!

7. What is black when it is clean, and white when it is dirty?
- A blackboard.

8. Why are grandpa's false teeth like stars?
- Because they come out at night!

9. What word is pronounced wrong even by native English speakers?
- The word "wrong"!

10. What will make more noise in your house than a dog?
- Two dogs.