سه‌شنبه 31 شهریور 1388
توسط: Anis Izadkhah


I learned venture from the sparrow's play with the electricity wire
جسارت را از شوخی گنجشک با سیم برق آموختم.

My heart's lamp went off by the changeable frequency of your love
لامپ دلم از نوسان عشقت سوخت.

The bottom of the pot of my fortune is black
ته دیگ بختم سیاه است.

His hands were implicated by the blood of three pomegranates
دستش به خون سه انار آلوده شد.

On the highway of his ear, there was a traffic sign for advice that read: DON'T ENTER
در جاده گوشش نوشته شده بود: "ورود نصیحت ممنوع". 

Love was excelled from the land of heart
مهر از سرزمین دلها تبعید شد...

Becouse he didn't have any soap, he couldn't wipe his hands off the sin
چون صابون نداشت نتوانست دست از گناه بشوید.

On a stormy morning, his mind was thrown away to the corner of the street
در یک صبح طوفانی حواسش به کنار خیابان پرت شد.

The level of his thinking was so low that he stood on a stool to solve the problems
سطح فکرش چنان کوتاه بود که برای حل مشکلات روی چهار پایه می ایستاد. 

His sleep was so heavy that the bed was broken
آنقدر خوابش سنگین بود که تخت شکست...

My wallet was crying for lack of money
کیف پولم از بی پولی گریه میکرد.

He had put up his photo on the wall in order to not to forget himself
عکس خود را به دیوار آویزان کرده بود تا خود را فراموش نکند.